A Vision for a Better World Free from Hunger

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We live in a world where billions of people don’t know whether they’ll get a meal every day, even though we have the resources and technology to provide for each and every person. From a young age, I remember hearing the stories of suffering in disbelief, and these stories encouraged me to take a deep interest in the lives of others. Travelling has allowed me to see first-hand how inequality, zero opportunities, and poor access to education only exacerbate the problems a hungry yet growing population face. I believe if more of us paid closer attention and aligned ourselves with the values of outstanding charities such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we could put a stop to needless starvation in every nation of the globe.

As many as one in eight people in the world go hungry every day, and millions of children under the age of five still die due to malnutrition. It’s easy for citizens of the developed world to forget that this kind of human suffering is a reality, and that’s what pushes other advocates and me to constantly raise awareness and keep the issue close to people’s hearts. We already know some of the keys to bringing food and stability to some of the world’s most desperate nations, but we can only act fully in these critical ways if we all take part and do something to help.

Through various initiatives ending world hunger is both achievable and within easy reach.  Consider the impact of some of the following: improving sanitation in underdeveloped regions, helping communities create a constant supply of water, offering financial assistance and training to teachers so that children have access to a decent education and ensuring youngsters in their developing years have the nutritional food they need.  If fellow advocates such as I continue to contribute to the likes of the Bill and Melinda Foundation and more and more people donate whatever they can, I’m confident that world hunger could be one less problem for the world.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on raising funds and assisting with development projects both abroad and at home, which highlights the fact that no country is impervious to hunger. Neglected peoples and those who feel alienated or are purposely excluded from society can soon be left with little resources to sustain their communities in a healthy way. I believe that world hunger is an issue that needs to be addressed in more depth by all world leaders, and I believe the only way that will happen is if everybody stands together to make sure the voices of the suffering don’t go unheard.

I intend to spend as much of my future as possible raising awareness of fantastic organisations such as the Bill and Melinda Foundation that aim to end world hunger, and I optimistically look forward to a world where each and every person has an equal shot at life by having the food and opportunities they need.