Posted   by Troy Reddell


Troy Reddell has utilised his skills and experience to fight world hunger for the majority of his life. As an avid traveller with a keen interest in eliminating suffering in both developed and developing countries, Reddell has acquired an in-depth understanding of the issues that need to be overcome to create a sustainable future with enough food to feed all peoples around the globe. He is a respected philanthropist and regular donor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and spends the vast majority of his time raising awareness for the cause.

Born in Brisbane, Troy Reddell enjoys travelling to the far reaches of the world and envisions bringing peace, stability, and food to every region. Reddell was inspired by the stories of migrants who escaped impoverished nations in search of a more prosperous life in Australia. Thanks to this inspiration, Reddell became transfixed on what could be done to end needless suffering, soon finding himself closely aligned with the missions and values of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Aside from being a financial contributor and major advocate for several charitable organisations, Reddell enjoys taking the time to speak to individuals and well-known publications on the issue of world hunger.

Reddell has publicly spoken about the importance of mentoring and imagines a world where everybody has access to high-quality healthcare and education. He places great emphasis on the need to provide youngsters in their developing years with nutritional food to eradicate infant mortality, an area that currently accounts for just one percent of global aid. By collaborating with individuals, businesses and governments, Reddell believes the world can be free from hunger and suffering and intends to use his growing influence in the world of philanthropy to raise awareness of the core issues that leave huge numbers of people impoverished.

Troy Reddell is fast becoming one of the most vibrant and active philanthropists and campaigners, with an intention to make his dream of a world free from hunger a reality by continuing to raise awareness around the globe. Thanks to his boundless commitment, determination, and active way of life, Troy will continue to be a top advocate for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as other causes that share his admirable vision.